Monday, 29 August 2011


The boys and i went up the woods today, we wanted to try a few things out in time for a couple of demonstrations i have coming up in the near future, eldest wanted to practice his carving, youngest wanted to practice a few traps and I, well i had a modded hammock to try out, long story short, once we had all done what we wanted it was mess around time, and youngest came up with the idea of making a Bull Roarer, I've made these before but not with a great deal of success it has to be said, still not wanting to be defeated, i set to and paired down a nice piece of seasoned oak with my axe and then rough shaped it and made a hole for the cordage with my knife, tied on some cord gave it a spin, and well, bugger me it worked, still needs some fine tuning in the form of some additional shaping and carving, which I'm going to do tomorrow, but it definitely makes a noise, we took some video of it in action which can be viewed here.

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