Sunday, 14 August 2011


Had a superb day out today, we went to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford in Cambridgeshire, a mere two hour drive away from home on two of the worst roads int he country, the M25 & M11, still the pain of the motorways is worth it when you get to the museum.

Ive been here many times before, both on a personal and in a professional capacity, but i still love the place, the AirSpace hangar has to be my favourite of the lot, so many aircraft in one place, including a Concorde prototype, an Avro Vulcan, a DeHaviland Comet, Avro Lancaster and so many more great air frames to see, including a SR-71 & B-52, rather than me bang on about it, have a look at the IWMs website and read about the place and what ot has to offer.

One bonus that we were treated to though was the B-17 Sally starting up, taxiing and then taking off to go and display at an airshow just a few miles down the coast from where we live, the video is not the best in quality as i took the footage on my compact camera, the video can be seen on my You Tube channel here

Finally, i also found some "bushie" type things in one of the museum displays, more on these in a later post though :-)

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