Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Whilst we were off picking Blackberries, my sister and eldest were off collecting Elderberries, did pretty well too as they collected around 6lb of berries excluding the stalks.

So when we all got back home, some of the Elderberries (4 pints) were hived off, 3lb of cooking apples and two pints of water added to the mix and   bought to the boil, then simmered until it was a mush, this is now in a straining bag until tomorrow when the juice will be measured and a pound of sugar added for each pint of juice, then all boiled up until the setiting point has been reached and hey voila, Elderberry and Apple Jelly - yum yum yum.

The rest of the Elderberries we turned into Elderberry Pickle, which is superb stuff and unlike many pickles out there, unfortunately we only had enough berries (2lb) left to make enough pickle to go in a 1lb Kilner jar, still, there are tons of berries left out there, so when we go back over the hill for some more blackberries, we will take another basket and fill it with Elderberries to make some more Jelly and pickle, we did consider making some Elderberry wine, but as we have a stuff load of dried Elderflowers, we thought we would stick with making some more Elderflower Champagne later in the year.

Elderberry Pickle Cooking

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