Monday, 1 August 2011

Get Yer Hands Off My Plums

Went for a short bimble earlier, should have been making  a few things to sell, but is was too damned hot, so i put it all away and went for a walk instead, at least up on the hills there was a bit of a cooling breeze to be had.

During my wander i met up with the owner of the wood yard and had a bit of a chat with him, he like me was melting in the heat & humidity and was calling it a day too, anyways i digress, as i walked up the lane munching on a few early blackberries and watching the butterflies flitter about, i thought id go and check one of the wild plum trees that are just off the lane, glad i did, man alive what a crop, the things are hanging of the branches like bunches of grapes, i tasted one that felt a bit softer than some of the others had had a nice colour to it, it was a bit tart to say the least, but not unpleasant at all, took the fur off the tongue for sure, but not unpalatable.

Thankfully these trees are off the normal path so most people wont even know they are there, so in the not too distant future, i shall be back up there with foraging bucket in hand to collect as many as possible, some will get used and eaten straight away, others will get turned into jam the rest, will get depitted and put through the dehydrator for later in the year.

Glad i packed up early today.

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