Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Harvest Time

Went for a short walk today, just up over the hills, took the two boys, me Mum & sister, had a right old laugh and collected some seasonal fruit.

In total we collected just under 10.5lbs of plums and just a shade over 2lbs of blackberries, although we did pick an awful lot more, well you have to have to sample the produce to make sure it's ok don't you?.

The plums will get split into two batches with some being made into jam the rest being placed in the dehydrator for storage and consumption later in the year, the blackers will all get used in a nice home made blackberry and crab apple crumble or pie, there are loads of plums still up there so and the blackers are really only just beginning, depending on how we go, i might just pop back up there later int he week and get some more.

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