Monday, 8 August 2011

Large Elm Beadle

Made myself a new Beadle today, had to really as my large Oak one that i used for a long time, finally surcame to the pressure of repeated use on the back of my froe and junker axe, to the point that the Oak split into three pieces, so, it gave me the perfect excuse to make a new one.

As you can see from the picture, the new one is fairly large, it has to be as it will be used with a 10" froe for splitting some hefty pieces of Ash & Sycamore, the Beadle is made from a single piece of English Elm so it should be seriously strong, i already know it's  nice and heavy,  the handle was rough shaped to the approx size and shape i wanted with the axe and then finished off with  the draw knife.

The knife (JLT Woodsman) is shown to give a sense of scale to the Beadle.


  1. Figured with such a large Beadle i needed the extra swell and flare on the bottom to help with he grip, tis very comfortable in use