Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Just been out for a shoot on my permission, which also happens to be just the other side of the garden wall, was typical though, there has been a load of bunnies out there all day, in the heat and bright sunshine, this evening however, when you would expect them to be out, not a sign, not a single solitary bunny to be seen anywhere, come to think of it there were no pigeons either.

The gun i use primarily for hunting is a UK legal Weihrauch HW97K Under Lever air rifle (pictured) running at 11.9ft/lb on the chrono when used in conjunction with Field Target Trophy pellets in .22, the scope i use is a 4-12x50 seen atop the rifle in the picture.

Despite only taking one shot this evening, and that was to empty the gun when i called it quits for the evening, it was a great evening, sitting up the top of the field in amongst the Hawthorn trees and long grass, listening to the Blackbirds and watching the Pipistrelle bats flit around as it got dark, lovely.


  1. I read once that folks who think fishing is all about catching fish doesn't know much about fishing. I think the same is true for hunting.

  2. Hit the nail on the head there Gorges, it's about being there