Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Stewart Marsh Bushcraft Knife

Out of my entire collection of blades, this knife is one of my all time favourites, its comfortable to use, holds a wicked edge and is built to a very high standard by a talented maker, it has served me well for a number of years now,  my particular knife has Birdseye Maple scales, with  red liners, the knife is 4mm thick O1 tool steel, full tang with a scandi grind.

Don't be fooled by the shiny looking knife in the picture, i cleaned it prior to taking the photograph, in reality the steel is tannin stained where I've debarked sticks, the faces of the blade are scratched and the scales have a few nicks and dings in them, but this knife, really does laugh it all off.

I know Stewart wasn't making knives for a good period of time due to ill health ,but i believe he is back at the grinder again now, more info on Stewart and his knives can be found here

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