Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Willow Wands

Eldest did some gardening yesterday and saved a load of materials for me in the form of a stuff load of Willow wands, the picture to the left shows only about half of what he saved for me

So after the walk this afternoon, he and i sat in the garden stripping the leaves off the willow and trimming the ends up and generally tidying the wands up, ready to go into storage for a little while, whilst i decided what type of basket I'm going to attempt to weave from them, bonus is, up the lakes i have a mass of willow that I'm cultivating in one spot for just this type of project, I'm just waiting for the leaves to drop in the autumn so i can get up there and harvest that lot too, looks like a busy winter of basket weaving beckons, well it will once i have the other lot harvested and prepped.

Willow Wands After being Cleaned

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  1. I'll be waiting to see what transpires with them!