Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bow Drill Demo

At the weekend i was invited to attend a local show and to demonstrate some woodsy skills, the one that i always like doing is the bow drill because it gets peoples interest and at this event it was no different, a number of people mentioned during the day that they had heard of making fire by "rubbing two sticks together" but had never seen it done.

So as previously noted on this 'ere blog, i made a load of sets up and set to work, i soon had a small crowd around me and them when the tinder (eventually) burst into flame, oohs and ahhs and a round of applause, a few people had a go and soon realised it wasn't as easy as it looks, although it has to be said that a couple of people who tried it, with a little more instruction, would have gotten there and produced an ember no problem at all,  one young lad who tried it  just refused to give in, he got a little flustered at times, but he, as did the other people who tried it had the right mind set to be able to achieve that first magical ember.

Yours truly with an ember.
We also gave people the opportunity to try lighting some char cloth with the flint and steel, again, not as easy as it looks, but to give these people their due, they were willing to try something new and gave it their best shot, but like the people who tried the bow drill, with a little more instruction in the art of making fire with a lighter of matches, they could and would be making fire in no time at all and gain a valuable life skill at the same time.

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