Monday, 5 September 2011


These are most definitely the thing of the moment, I'm as addicted to carving these as i am spoons, well perhaps not quite as bad as that, but there is something quite satisfying about carving these things and then whizzing them round your head and making all manner of banshee type wailing and other weird noises, dead easy to carve and great fun to use.

Pictured left are two of my latest creations, both are made from Boxwood, which whilst hard to carve, does look great once it's done and the finish you can achieve is incredible, despite being dead smooth, both of the roarers make an incredible noise, which OK, i could increase by adding some aerodynamic instabilities like the dimples found on a golf ball, but in the case of these two, i just simply don't want to spoil the look and feel of them, although the bottom one in the picture does need to have it's width reduced somewhat.

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