Tuesday, 27 September 2011

EDC Pocket Knife - Victorinox Alox Farmer

Thought it was about time i wrote something about my EDC pocket knife, up until a little while ago i either carried an Old Timer 340T or a British Army Pocket knife, that was until i got myself a Victorinox Alox Farmer that is.

Now, I'm not about to launch into a review of the knife, as everybody knows just how good these things are, and if you don't, well you should do :-).

Ive owned a Victorinox Tinker for many years, but  I fancied a change more than anything and as this was fairly cheap and as it had all the tools on it I'm likely to use on a day to day basis, it was the perfect choice, the thing i really like about it though, well two things really, are the small saw, which punches way above it's weight and the the awl, which is just perfect for striking a ferro rod as it's located at the end of the knife instead of it's usual location on top which make susing it as a fire steel striker nice and easy and probably a lot safer in all honesty.


  1. The Electrician plus is even better if you can get hold of one. It switches out the can opener for a sheepsfoot blade.

  2. I just use a small diamond stone like a DC3 or DC4 and then give the edge a light strop on a piece of leather