Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hand Drill Sets

Spent a bit of time making some hand drill hearths and sets today, all of the boards are Clematis and the drills are Elder, after making them i figured id better have a practice myself, so i grabbed my personal set and got spinning the drill, got a couple of weak embers and some minor blisters, I've not done a great deal of hand drilling of late, as I've been concentrating on the Bow Drill, so i need to re-establish the callouses on my hands as well as the all important muscle memory.

The picture shows the cut off ends from a couple of old drills and half a dozen Clematis boards that I'm sending off to Northern Ireland in the next week or so, so that Abo at Belfast Bushcraft can see how the Clematis compares to his usual hand drill hearths.


  1. Looking forward to getting this Mark. Went out and harvested some fresh elder specially for it too.

    Excited lol.

  2. be on it's way tomorrow for you