Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hand Drill Spindles

Whilst i was up at my sit tree today i did a little bit of exploring around the general area, just to see what had been occuring, as i was bimbling around this view was presented to me, a whole shedful of Mullein, some dead and dry already, others recently expired and still slightly green and yet others that were still in flower.

Not wanting to waste such a valuable resource as this, i got out my pocket knife and harvested a few, well, it would have been rude not to, in the end i elected to collect just half a dozen stalks and as i collected them i gave them all a good shake just to make sure any seeds that were left on the stalks were distributed, therefore giving me further plants to harvest in the future.

Once i had shaken all the seeds out i sat in the shade of my faithful sit tree and cleaned up all the stalks with my SAK, just need to dry them all out a tad before they will be ready for use as hand drill spindles, oh yes, while i was there, i also collected about half a dozen second year growth elder stems as well, i figure with what i already had at home, i should just about have enough spindles to last me for some considerable time now.


  1. what kind of board do you use with those spindles? i've had good luck with some woods and horrible with others- thanks for th' info ~rico

    1. I use Clematis hearths, works well too