Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hand Drill

As i seem to be on a bit of a friction fire binge at the moment, i thought it was about time i practiced the hand drill again, erm,  no hearth material, i used the boards i made a couple of weeks back on Sunday for the bow drill, no problem, a quick trip up the lane and i scored the two pieces of Clematis in the picture, the knife is my Stewart Marsh Bushcraft Knife, by the way, the vine  i harvested was dead standing.

Once i got home I removed all of the bark material and placed it in a nice dry place for later use, i then pared some of the Clematis down into boards, grabbed a spindle and whirled away for a little while, gently at first to warm up the old muscles, then i went for it, many people say it's like riding a bike, once you know how, you never forget, well they are not wrong.

I had a couple of failed attempts to begin with, then it all came  together and i managed two embers from three attempts, not bad i thought, damn near choked myself doing it though as i had to sit in the shed and practice the skill, far too damp outside at the moment, i was pretty pleased to get a couple of embers, especially from board material that has been outside in some pretty atrocious weather of late, if i can do it using a slightly damp hearth board, then using a dead dry one should pose no problem at all, compared to the bow drill though, this hand drill malarkey is damned hard work, satisfying though when you get that ember.

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  1. Excellent work Mark.

    Your making me jealous with tha clematis there. email inbound......