Tuesday, 6 September 2011

'Primitive' Fishing Hook.

Well i say primitive, but what is primitive?, to the people of the time it was the latest top notch technology, will our descendants looks back over the millenia and see an iPad as a primitive piece of equipment, i dare say they will, so to my mind this hook is not primitive, it's just different,  because it suited human development and their level of technology in a totally different era.

Well, enough of the philosophy, i made this hook a little while back and whilst getting some materials ready for a show I'm doing this weekend, i, well, i suppose i rediscovered it in amongst the box loads of stuff i have here, i really must have a sort out one day.

The hook was made as part of a project i undertook to make a "primitive" fishing kit, more on that at a later date, the hook if i remember correctly was made from a piece of  Willow, the hook point was whittled down from another piece of wood and then it was all lashed together with artificial sinew, although i could have used natural fibres and indeed i did this on another hook i made, the lashing was then held in place with a coating of pine resin.

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