Monday, 5 September 2011

Wet Wet Wet

No, not the popular 80's/90's pop group, but the rain, i was out collecting a load of Sloes to make some Sloe Gin with, when i set out there wasn't a sign of any rain,  so off i trot, get about a mile from home and start picking the Sloes, look up and see the hills have disappeared in the approaching rain storm, no sign of it when i left, in fact not a cloud in the sky, still at least i wont have to wash the sloes now - lol, I got bleedin' soaked, thought i had put my poncho in my bag, did i heck?, i put a similar green bag in my shoulder bag that contained, yep, anything but my poncho, that'll teach me to go out in a rush i suppose and not look at what I'm doing - lesson learnt.

Got soaked to the skin, but hey at least it was warm and the rain felt nice in all honesty, even though it damn well hurt at times it was that heavy, the pics were taken from the shelter of a big Ash tree, but in the end i figured i couldn't get any wetter than i had already got, so i just head back down the lane towards home, i weirdly quite enjoyed it, just walking through the rain.

Oh yes, the view towards the hill you can just make out in the rain, yes it's rain, not fog or mist, normally looks like this

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