Monday, 19 September 2011

Wooden Flowers

I spent some time today making a few wooden flowers, Ive not made any in ages and thought id make a few to put out front of the house to add some texture to that part of the garden now that the real flowers are coming to an end as before long, it's going to be quite bare out there.

I made about a dozen flowers in the end, the ones pictured in the picture are made from Hazel with Willow stems and stand about 12 inches high, i also made a few larger ones from Ash & Hazel with Hazel stems and i guess they stand about 18 inches high (pictured below),  I quite like making these, it's one of those things where you can loose yourself in with your thoughts and there is also something strangely satisfying about making masses of curls on a stick, not to mention it's also great feather stick practice.

There are five flowers in this bundle


  1. Nice work fella, bet they add a nice touch to the garden.
    Just been watching the folks at the last show making them. There very popular. Ive just made a small device for strapping to a shave horse for speeding up the process so I hope to make some as nice as yours for our border.

  2. I thought about making a small device for making these, basically it was a large catapult type frame with a flat blade over the top of the forks, the wood was drawn against the blade rather than the blade against the wood, if that makes sense?, but in the end im happier just using my draw knife, be interested to see if we both had the same idea though?.