Saturday, 22 October 2011

Blanket Shirt

We have been making quite a few of these blanket shirts recently, they are loosely based on the popular Swandri design,  but have a few additions and deletions that make what is a good design, more suited to what i wanted.

The shirts have been made from fleece blankets, mainly because they were going cheap and we didn't want to start proving and altering designs using full on wool blankets, far better to make pattern adjustments on a cheap fleece, than a wool blanket.

Now we have the design down and know what we are doing having made a few of these, we can move on to making them from wool blankets, not that there is anything wrong with the fleece ones, they are superbly warm and have a nice small pack size, but the main drawback is when you are around a fire as the slightest spark can burn a hole right through them, but for a general knockabout, walking, hiking jumper they are superb.

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