Friday, 21 October 2011

Fire Steel

I received a new fire steel in the post today, nothing unusual there you might say, except this one is hand made and came from Romania.

So how did i get a steel from Romania, well, I entered a small competition on You Tube some time ago that was being run my Mario on his channel Bushcraftmyway, the prize was the fire steel i received this morning.

This steel though as you can see from the picture is a little different to the normal style you see being used, for a start it's triangular, but the real difference is in the detail, the steel itself is made from a piece of spring steel, but the pattern that has been drilled onto the surface is not just there for decoration, it also has some significance, as it's the pattern of Ursa Minor, which also happens to be Mario's logo, but as well as being decorative, the surface decor also gives a better grip to the steel, the lanyard hole at the top, apart from being a lanyard hole also signifies Polaris, the Pole Star.

Mario has also incorporated a section on the reverse of the steel that has a beveled edge (not pictured) which is perfect for scraping small shavings from dry wood but can also be used to debark sticks or indeed to strike a ferro rod, it really is a versatile tool.

So thanks for the steel Mario, it's very much appreciated.

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