Saturday, 1 October 2011

Flint & Steel

This is without doubt one of my favourite fire lighting techniques, although of late i have rather neglected it in favour of the friction fire, via a bow or hand drill.

Pictured left is my standard Flint & Steel kit that i carry with me when I'm out and about and know I'll be having a fire or just want to practice the skill, the tin is an old air rifle pellet tin and i use this to not only store my char cloth, but also to make the char cloth, in, the brown patch just below the tin is a small piece of amadou.

The steels themselves, well these are just two of an ever growing collection, the top one was gifted to me by Sticks65 and it's one he made from an old file, the C striker, i cant honestly remember where i got it, but the important thing is both of the strikers work a treat, the flint, well, I'm lucky, because where i live the stuff is so abundant we use it as a building material, so finding or making a piece that's suitable for striking against a steel is never a problem.

All of the above fits into the leather pouch (made by me) and this goes into my pack or bag ready for use.


  1. For the non-traditional, I've seen some guys carry the lighters that welders use for their torches. Yours looks much nicer.

  2. Very cool. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I've just started making my fires using the Flint and Steel method. Very fun, and much more traditional then using my firesteel.

    Actually I had the privileged of meeting Mors Kochanski a few weeks ago and am honoured to say that he gifted me my very first set...a broken hacksaw blade and a piece of english flint.