Thursday, 27 October 2011

Medieval Style Spoon

I received a commission the other day to make a wooden spoon in the Medieval style, the client didn't want an exact copy of something in a museum and just simply gave me the brief to "carve one in the Tudor style", so that's what i tried to do.

The spoon is based upon Medieval pewter spoons that i have seen in museums and some of the books i have here, but also incorporates features that I've seen on Medieval wooden spoons at places like the Mary Rose and some of our local museums, many Medieval spoons had what they call "Knops" on the end of the handle, but rather than try to carve one of these, i decided to just taper the handle down along it's length, another feature of Medieval spoons is the large bowl and small handle both in length and diameter, despite this, this spoon still retains the strength of the wood, the handle also per others i have seen, is hexagonal in section.

The spoon still needs a little bit of tidy up work doing to it before it goes off, but I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.