Monday, 10 October 2011

Pine Resin Candle

While we were at the BCUK Sussex meet this past weekend we undertook a few different projects, one was to make a fire wood shelter, which turned out really well and did it's job admirably, as on the Saturday night we had a bit of rain and the wood stayed dry, we also made a few spoons, practiced with flint & steel and ferro rods, used the bow drill, where as mentioned in a previous past some people got their first ever ember, one of the other skills we undertook was the manufacture of Pine Resin Candles, it was something the kids could do as well as the adults and as we all know, fire always connects with the soul.

We didn't make many candles, just enough to have some fun with, i cant claim credit for the one pictured though as it was made by one of the other guys on the trip and is by far the best looking candle from all the ones we made.

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