Thursday, 13 October 2011

Slingshot Ratting

Spent some time up at the lakes today, had a few things to do, like cut the grass for one, while i was there i thought i would do a bit of rating as well, but rather than take my rifle this time, i took one of my own brand slingshots that i have fitted with double Theraband Gold bands.

Long story short, i took three shots at rats, the first one missed but not by much, the second one later in the day, i and a friend of mine who witnessed it, think it parted the fur, the final shot though was a pearler, a nice swift delivery of an 9mm steel ball from the slingshot, resulted in the 'thud' of a hit and over it went, the rat never stood a chance, just to be sure though, i then gave it another steel ball from zero feet, although the initial shot was enough to kill it, I'm afraid there is no kill shot as it was in some light undergrowth and i wasn't going to be pulling the thing out, just for the sake of getting a picture.

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