Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Wooden Dragonflies

Ive been busy making more wooden Dragonflies today, i made half a dozen in the end as i wanted to experiment with the wing/body joint to not only make it easier to make, but also stronger, i also played around with the wing shape and have now settled on a shape that is not only aesthetically pleasing (well i think so), but also strong.

These are only representations and not scale models of a Dragonfly, hence the single wing set, i also made a display stand for them for when I'm at events, the base is made from a slice of Elm and the pole is from a fairly wavy piece of Ash, the Dragonflies attach to the pole via a mounting pin in their noses, i have to admit to liking the manufacture of these, but time will tell if they are worth carrying on with as a product or if they will just be chalked up to experience.  I'm hoping to sell a few of these at some local events that I'm attending between now and the beginning of December and if they sell, I'll carry on with them and if they don't, well i guess, i wont.

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