Saturday, 26 November 2011

Arrow Through A Ring

I whittled myself another 'arrow through a ring' the other day and made reference to it in my post about Whittling on Friday 25th, since then I've had a couple of messages asking what does it do?, well it does nothing, it's a bit of fun, a puzzle, a folly, it serves no purpose at all, other than relieving a bit of boredom on the part of the carver, ie me.

This one is made from two different woods, the arrow is carved from a single piece of Hazel and the ring is carved from piece of Elm, the trick is this though, both the arrow head and the flights are bigger than the hole in the Elm and no there are no joints involved, these are dead easy to make and good fun to give to people, both young & old, some figure it out straight away, others are totally flummoxed by it


  1. I am from the second group. How is it done? Greetings from South Africa.

  2. Very good indeed. In know hiw it is done but it is still excellent. The answer of course is simple......think about properties of wood.

  3. I'll do a video at some point on how to make them