Sunday, 13 November 2011

Beer Can Cooker

I decided a little while ago to make myself a new alcohol stove from a couple of beer cans, unlike the normal type of 'penny stove' where you cover the small central fill hole with a penny as the name suggests, i much prefer the open type of burner to the closed type as i feel it's safer. 

This one incorporates a 'wall' inside the unit to separate the inner and outer sections of the burner and whilst the thing does create vapourised fuel and blooms really well, the large central section removes the risk of a massive pressure build up and potential explosion should the pressure become too much, which is doubtful as it's not a sealed unit.

This little cooker serves me well when I'm out and about as a half fill of fuel gives me plenty of time to cook a small dehydrated meal as well as giving me enough hot water to make a decent brew as well and the added bonus is of course, i got to consume the beer before hand as well.

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