Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Locking Pocket Knife

Bought myself a new locking pocket knife which arrived yesterday, i had wanted one with a non coated blade, which is what i ordered, but not what arrived and to be fair, i really cant be bothered to argue the point on it and in retrospect, i do quite like to look of it, even though I'm not normally a fan of the 'Tacticool' look, i figure with use the coating will wear off fairly soon anyway.

The knife itself has a 2.5 inch blade which is capable of being opened one handed, the body of the knife, looks like it has Micarta scales and a liner lock, which when the blade is opened and locks into place, does so with a resounding click, the blade when opened also shows no sign whatsoever of any unwanted movement in any orientation, the knife also features a sturdy pocket clip, which can be repositioned by the simple removal of two Allen bolts.

Despite the square section of the knife it's incredibly comfortable to hold and so far I've not found any high spots or indeed rough edges anywhere on the knife, now it has to be said this thing is not going to be an EDC, it's going to be more of a beater knife for opening sacks of seed & feed etc at the lakes, cutting rope and well, just general duties connected with the general maintenance of the area.

I'm even tempted to get another one to put in my shooting bag to replace the Opinel i have in there, that, having a wooden handle is not best suited to prepping small game as the wood will of course absorb 'fluids' and is therefore unhygienic, whereas this knife can be easily sterilised without fear of upsetting any of the materials used in it's manufacture, and if it does break or fall apart, well this thing didn't break the bank to buy, including delivery the knife cost £ 4.50, sure it's made in and came from China, but for the price, i don't really care.

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