Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Long(er) Walk Home

I spent some today with some of the local conservation volunteers up on the South Downs behind home, the group has a task day once a month where we tidy litter, drag stuff out of the Dewpond that the local 'yoofs' keep throwing in there or as today do a little bit of path maintenance, which today saw us clearing back some of the Dogwood  and Elder on three paths with a good mix of hand and petrol powered tools, in fact we made such good progress, we finished about 30 minutes early, so we admired our work and had a bit of the all important chinwag before making sure the paths were clear of the trimmings and then we all headed off home.

Today though rather than heading directly home which was just over half a mile, i decided to take the longer route home which is a walk of approx 2 miles, granted, it's not a lot further, but still it's is a longer walk and in the glorious autumn sunshine it was the right decision to make, walking over the South Downs basking in the sunshine and listening to the Skylarks in the fields, magnificent, the photo shows the view over towards Cissbury Iron Age Fort  that was just emerging from the mist & fog adding to it's mysticism.

Days like this made you feel glad to be alive, i enjoyed it so much, that after i had thrown some lunch down my throat, i went back out for another walk, getting home just before sunset.

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