Monday, 14 November 2011


Ok not a particulary good one, but i love this old thing, it's a Webley Nemesis in .22, that i got a little while back for use at short range in conjunction with some live traps i use, i got it for one reason initially,  which is, it's less obvious than an air rifle when you have to despatch quarry such as a Rats in the live traps.

Some people get a bit upset when they see someone walking around with a rifle, but this gets carried in my shoulder bag when I'm on my trapping permission and only comes out of the bag and indeed it's holster when I'm at the trap, hunting with a pistol is of course illegal in the UK but this is being used at very short range ie a foot or less to despatch vermin, ie Rats for which it's more than adequate, especially when used with suitable pellets such as the hard hitting Accupel or Field Target Trophy.

As well as using the pistol to despatch vermin, we also use it in conjunction with a pellet trap against paper targets for a bit of plinking in the back garden, it's great fun to use and although it's single shot, it doesn't take long to put a few dozen pellets through it and at ranges of 10-15 yards it's also surprisingly accurate.

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  1. I had one of thoses when i was a student in Scotland, but it was .177 i think. I walked out of my bedroom one day and pulled it from the back of my trousers and shot out the light bulb at the end of the hall, about 10m away. Just then the landlord walked through the door into a cloud of glass and other bits. I stuck it back down my trousers and told him it had exploded and was very dangerous which he was very apologetic about. haha