Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Rambo Knife

A little while i wrote about a trip down memory lane (see this post) and how id love to get my hands on another one of those knives, well i also posted the same thing up on BCUK and i had a couple of people on there get in touch saying they had one or at least one that was very similar, that if i wanted them, i could have, well not being greedy, i said yes to the first chap who got in touch (British Red) and today, as promised the beastie arrived, although it's not exactly the same as  the one i used as a kid, it's near enough and has bought back some great memories of a childhood running over the South Downs and not one person blinking an eyelid at the sight of us kids, belting around with Rambo knives in our hands and catapults in our back pockets - how times have changed.

So big thanks go to British Red for his generosity - thanks mate, really appreciate it.