Monday, 28 November 2011

Serving Spoon

Pictured is a serving spoon i made today, having really enjoyed making Medieval eating spoons  recently, I wanted to make a slightly larger spoon in the same style, i retained the octagonal handle shape, but a different bowl shape was asked for, even though I like the lollipop shape of the Medieval spoon, i wanted a slightly different shape to make it easier to use in dishes and pans.

The result is the spoon pictured, carved from a nice piece of Hazel that has a wonderful grain pattern in the bowl, the spoon has the required Octagonal handle and a tooled finish and has been  given a light coat of Walnut oil, i still have few small finishing touches to do to tidy it up a bit before it gets used in anger.


  1. You must have the patience of Job. That's a dandy!

  2. Thanks Gorges, doesnt take long to do in all honesty, a bit longer than sanding it for sure, but not a great deal longer, the bonus is when it gets wet the surface doesnt fluff up like a sanded spoon does.