Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Been busy today making some spatulas up in readiness for a couple of Christmas fairs I'm attending early next month.

I think with what i made today and what i already have in stock, i should have enough to cover me, although, i might make a few more just be on the safe side, after all, once made they don't exactly take up a lot of room to store. The ones pictured are made from a mix of Hazel, Sycamore and Ash and as you will notice from  the picture they are also made in a variety of different styles as I've been trying to add some variances to the styles to try and find a shape that is very easy and quick to make, although these don't take long, but also to try and appeal to peoples differing tastes to style & design, i shall know after the the forthcoming shows which style i need to concentrate on, purely by noting which style from the ones i have sells the best.

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