Thursday, 10 November 2011

Spoons On The BBC

I was made aware the other day by a friend of mine that in the latest episode of the BBC TV programme, The Antiques Roadshow, there was a lady with a rack of spoons dating from the mid 18th century (pictured).

I don't normally watch programmes such as this, as to be frank, they bore me to tears, but in this instance, i went to the BBC iPlayer and found the program and then located the part of the program that was of interest, thankfully it was right at the beginning, the story behind the spoons was fascinating as was the design of the spoons, what was even more amazing was the price, the 'expert" gave a valuation of £ 400.00 to £ 500.00, i think the lady that owned them was as gobsmacked as i was when she heard the price.

For those who are interested the link to the program is here, although unfortunately, i think it is only visible to UK residents, but no doubt 'someone' will upload it to YouTube;-), I've also included below a few screen shots from the program that show the spoon design.





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  2. Nice one Mark. This design seems to be making a comeback with folks. Mind, theres a good supply of stew to be balanced on the end of one which appeals to me!