Monday, 7 November 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

I was searching Google the other evening for some research material for a project I'm planning and one of the search terms i used was "Survival", amongst the millions of responses to the search query i got was this knife (pictured) and as soon as i saw it, it bought back loads of good memories as i used to one of these exact knives when i was kid.

The knife as such in retrospect was complete junk, but at the time, a mate of mine who used to live just up the road, still does funny enough, and i used to tear all over the South Downs with one of these on our belts and a Black Widow catapult in our back pockets (nobody blinked an eyelid either, how times have changed) and we used to love the things, if i remember right it never ever took or held an edge, the tang was about a half an inch long and was threaded to accept a nut inside the hollow handle, and in use the blade always used to come off or at least start to come very loose as the nut slowly undid itself,  the wire saw lasted about half an hour, the fishing kit was better suited to catching Great Whites off of Cape Town, than three ounce roach in the local pond, the compass showed every direction except north and the sharpening stone on the front, i reckon was cut from a breeze block, but did we care?, nope not in the slightest, they were complete junk,  but during our childhoods, they were a prized and envied possession, if i could get another one, i would just for the sheer nostalgia of it.


  1. I had two of those as a kid too, the only difference i remember was that te other had a plastic handle and the other had a aluminium one. Well actually, it might have been the kind of material they used in car handles. The one that has coarse sandlike structure with loads of airbuubles in the cast, visible when(not if) breaks in pieces. I had my first stitches after plastic handle breaked and theyre still very much visible in my left arm. The solution here was often to add some hockey tape around the handle repair glued with Airfix scalemodel glue and then we filled the handle with epoxy glue,sometimes when we didnt have enough to fill the handle all the way, we mixed stuff like sawdust with the epoxy :).

    But,it was pretty cool one, to hang on to my belt when heading out to fishing with bicyles with small wheel changed to rear at summer vacations.

  2. Hehe, my mate had one too and a black widow around 1985. We used to take them up to our spot when making the latest den and cooking up food.My favourite knife was my first one given to me by my Nan a small folding Sheffield penknife. Between us we made traps, shelters, fires, grub, brews and had a lot of fun.