Saturday, 5 November 2011

Tudor 'Style' Spoon

I made myself a new eating spoon this afternoon, and having grown rather fond of the ergonomics and overall feel and size of the Medieval style spoon, i thought i would make one in that style.

The spoon is made from a nice bit of Hazel that I've had in the workshop for some time,  i took this down  to the rough thickness i wanted with the draw knife and then carved out the shape with a Mora before refining the overall shape with my Sloyd knives, the spoon is un-sanded and features an octagonal tapered handle and the distinctive 'lollipop' shape of the Medieval style spoon, to finish the spoon i spent a bit of time smoothing off all of the tool marks with my pick knife to give a nice smooth finish and once i was happy with the overall look and feel of it, i simply oiled it up with some Olive oil, all i need now is to wait until tomorrow morning so i can enjoy eating my Corn Flakes with it.

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