Thursday, 17 November 2011


My day today was almost a non event,  I didn't do half the things i wanted nor needed to do, mind you a slowish day doesn't hurt now and again, so after battling the Post Office this morning in order to get a few orders out, then getting home and finding it was nearly lunch time already, so i figured id just do a little bit of whittling this afternoon.

I grabbed a couple of Hazel wands and a pocket knife  (Old Timer 340T) and got whittling, the result?, well, a stick chicken on an ornate stick and a butter spreader,  i also made some flowers from match sticks, one is just visible above my pocket knife in the photo, i have to admit, it made a pleasant change to whittle a stick, for no other reason than just the sheer pleasure of doing it.


  1. I like the chicken, though I'm sure what it would be good for, except looking cool. I guess that's use enough.

  2. That's all it is Gorges, a bit of nonsense, serves no purpose at all, although i do add the rooster head to spoon handles now and again as a bit of decoration.