Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Chilly Bimble

Went for a bimble over the South Downs today with a mate of mine from the BCUK forum, we only covered about 4.5 miles,  the wind was blowing hard and cold, but it was just being out there that mattered today, all the time you were moving, you were warm.

We had a bit of a laugh, did some tracking, mainly deer and saw a few birds from Buzzards to Robins, we also found a load of camps that the local kids had built, a couple were really well made, but one we took down as it was made from builders plastic and polyprop rope and was just flailing around in the wind, we left all the materials there, tucked under a big log, just in case they come back and decide to rebuild it, roll on the next trip.


  1. I had an argument with my wife the other day over whether bimble was a real word or not - bloody canadians! :)

  2. oh yes it's a real word, the dictonary lists it as " to wander without a sense of purpose", or something like that

  3. Even after I pointed her at several references, she still wouldn't believe me - in her defence, i have successfully convinced her in the past that total gibberish was real english, so she takes everything I say now with a pinch of salt ;)