Sunday, 4 December 2011

Double Ended Stuff Sacks

Following a conversation with a member on BCUK, i have made some double ended stuff sacks for use with hammocks and/or tarps, the stuff sack is threaded onto your hammock and stays there, much like snake skins, but the difference being these have a draw string closure at each end and are much wider meaning you can, as the description suggests, stuff your hammock or tarp into them.

Ive tried one of these this afternoon with my DD Travel hammock and it fit's a treat, simply tie the hammock to a tree in the normal manner then pull the tapes out of the opposite end of the bag and tie on, your hammock stays off the ground and damp and the sack stays on the hammock and just slides to one end and is kept safe and sound out of the way, when it's time to pack away, just reverse the process.


  1. Cheers Paul, Do you want a couple as they are moving pretty fast?

  2. Tempted mate, but I'm still out of work right now - maybe the next run!

  3. no prob, will more than likely always have these available now, just drop me a line as and when