Friday, 2 December 2011

Draw Knife

Picked up a nice 'new' draw knife the other day, it's made by Brades and apart from needing some work on the bevel and having the flats lapped it's in pretty good nick.

The handles, peened tangs and ferrules are nice and tight, as i mentioned above though, the bevel did need some work doing to it, as whoever has owned this in the past decided to attack the bevel with a file and they, well, buggered it up basically, there where huge great rifts and scratches in the bevel edge from the aggressive file they used and the bevel was every shape under the sun except what it should be, they even managed to file away some of the Brades lettering on the thing as well,  i just wish i had taken a photo of the knife before i cleaned it up and restored the bevel.

A few hours work with an oil stone and some wet & dry has restored the edge to a condition I'm happy with, not totally happy yet, but it's considerably better than it was, most of the deep scratches have gone and the bevel has a shine to it now, the flats were lapped and really didn't need a great deal of work, it's now a usable tool and over time and use it will only get better as the tool is lapped, stropped and basically cared for, I've already tried the blade out on some Hazel & Ash and can feel already that this tool will become a valued addition to my tool box.


  1. NICE! A drawknife can do a lot of work around a shop.

  2. your not wrong, this is my fifth one if you count the one i made as well