Friday, 30 December 2011

Flash Tinder - Clematis Fluff

One of the best flash tinder's around the area i live in is the fluff (seed pod) from the wild Clematis (Clematis vitalba),  also commonly known as Old Mans Beard.

The Clematis is an incredible fire lighting ally to those in the know, the wood from the larger vines can be used as a hearth board for friction fire (please don't cut down live vines though, there are plenty of dead ones around), the bark on the vine sheds easily and makes a great tinder and of course the fluff will ignite from the slightest of sparks and will help to ignite other tinder's, and is especially useful when used with coarser tinder's such as dead grass or even fluffed up Clematis bark, as it gives the spark from a ferro rod something to grab  onto which in turn ignites the more fibrous tinder.

At the moment the hedgerows around here are white with the Clematis fluff and the time is right to go and collect a few bags of it and place it into storage for use later in the year, although listening to the rain on the window, i might leave it a while before collecting some.


  1. That reminds me, I've never tried milkweed fluff for tinder, either.

  2. from what ive heard Gorges, it's superb stuff and takes a spark very easily