Monday, 19 December 2011

Got The Horn

I received a couple of Buffalo Horns through the post this morning  from a mate of mine on the BCUK forum as his part of a trade we did.

These things are amazing, it almost seems a shame to cut these up for projects, I'm very tempted just to clean them up  and mount them on a nice piece of Oak and make a display of them for use at some of the shows i do, but, I'm also tempted to use them for projects, a simple one to begin with, as i need some buttons for a smock that we are making, other bits I'm going to use as spacers on some walking sticks and them the rest I'm going to use for whatever comes to mind, i might even buy a couple of Hultafors HVKs and re handle them and use the horn in the handle, time will tell i guess.


  1. They look great! Hope you have a power saw... ;-)

  2. Nope, but i do have good arm power