Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hans Karlsson Adze

I received my long awaited Hans Karlsson Bowl Adze this Christmas, I've been itching to get my hands on this ever since it arrived a few weeks back and now i can.

Ive been after a decent Adze for carving bowls, kuksa's and larger spoons for some time and now i have no excuse, it's certainly going to make life a lot easier than trying to remove all the waste wood with a big spoon knife as i have been doing, all i need to do now is to make my self an Adze block (angled chopping block) so i can use the Adze with some safety, i was going to make a bowl horse, but having thought about it i think i prefer the Adze block to the bowl horse for a couple of reasons, one being limited storage space at home and whilst both are portable, the Adze block will be easier to transport in a small car than a bowl horse would be.

Now all i need to do is get the Adze block made and then i can start producing all manner of bowls, cups & Kuksa's.


  1. You'll love it mate!! great tools I look forward to seeing the work you produce!!. You could try a small low holding device.

    They work well and are portable.

  2. Cheers Simon, i cant wait to get started with it, i was looking at the low bench earlier, the biggest problem i have with it is getting a log big enough to use for it, i also think id go outside and find it in use as a potting up table for flower pot or as a coffee table, whereas the adze block would be difficult "for others" to use.

    If i can find a bit of timber thats suitable for a low table like that i'll certainly give one a go though.