Saturday, 17 December 2011

Hultafors HVK

Going on from the post i made about the Mora 510/511, i thought id write a few words on one of my other go to knives, the Hultafors HVK.  I got my first one of these from a friend of mine in Norway (Cheers Jontok) and I've not looked back since.

These things are incredible in their resilience to use and indeed abuse and like the Mora, they laugh it off, to prove the point i made a series of videos back in 2010 showing the abuse one of these knives will take, the tests were suggested by members on a web forum, and OK, some of them are bit beyond the pale, but they did and do serve to prove the strength of this knife, rather than list all of the virtues of this knife in a lengthy post here, I'll post the first video link below and then as each video completes on YouTube the next in the series should appear. Enjoy.


  1. Ive had a couple of Moras, and just bought one for my dad for Christmas. I'm toying with getting a heavy duty (green) hultafors. They look like they can take a beating.

  2. Ahh the GVK i think it's called, eldest has one and it's a beast of a blade

  3. I have both the green and orange knives, without doubt brilliant blades, I bought them for rough jobs but was very surprised at their quality. I especially like the GVK and use all the time. Check out my firesteel attachment. All the best Drew.
    My blog is called
    Acts of Random Whittling

    1. Great blog Drew, like that firesteel attachement too