Friday, 2 December 2011

One Down

I completed the first of a weekend of shows this afternoon, the first show was a small Christmas Fayre at one of the local primary schools, it went pretty well to be honest for such a small event, that, lets face it, is aimed at the kids and their immediate families rather than inviting the general public in in their droves, but despite being in the library area and away and unfortunately a little remote from the bulk of stands and therefore attendees in the main hall, the overall foot fall wasn't that bad.

I managed to sell a few items, spoons, spatulas and gypsy flowers and as i always do at events such as this, i will donating 10% of my takings to the school as a thank you for allowing me to be there, now i have to go and replenish the stocks in the display stands and baskets ready for an early start tomorrow for the next one.

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