Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pig Leather Pouches

Ive been busy this week making leather pouches/bags from some gloriously tactile pig leather i bought, I've made two different sizes so far, some for my own use, but others I've sold on via the Makers Market on BCUK, the two sizes I've been making are 6" x 4" (Small) and some in a more popular size of 7.5" x 5" (Medium).

I use these pouches for all manner of things, the smaller ones i use to hold flint and steel fire kits, steel balls for my slingshots or pellets for my air rifles, the larger ones i use to hold dry ingredients, such as flour, powdered egg, sugar etc when I'm out on the trail, but really the pouches are limited in their use only by your imagination, i suppose with Christmas coming, you could even put some nice jewelry in one for your partner?.

If you would like to buy one, i keep an updated list going on BCUK, links to the relevant threads below

Medium  Pouch - Click Here Small Pouch - Click Here

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