Friday, 16 December 2011

Swedish Army Cookset

A bushcraft favourite these, cheap, reliable and well made, sure the SVEA burner is not a great deal of cop compared to a genuine Trangia, but you know what, i don't really care, it's not the end of the world, it takes longer to bloom, but hey what's the rush?,  I'm out there to enjoy my surroundings, I'm not in a race and i don't need to boil water in 30 seconds flat, so if it takes five minutes or more it takes five minutes or more.

Pictured is my one which I've used for cooking up all sorts of things from boil in the bags to making flat breads, I've even used the thing as a small oven to make small bannocks.  I really love the versatility of these cook sets, ok, they are not the lightest ones going, especially the steel ones, but does it really matter?, i guess not, because you wouldn't have bought one if it was - would you?.  

I use mine with the supplied SVEA alcohol burner and it works great, as stated above it's not the fastest thing going, but who cares about that, the pans can be used as pictured as a pot and lid, the lid can be used as a small fry pan or if it comes to it a cup, the big pot has a bail so it can also be suspended over a fire if need be and of course the whole thing packs away and nestles inside the windshield for transportation. The burner and windshield can also be used with a crusader mug, just by lifting up the pot supports in the windshield so the mug sits on them, the Crusader handles then poke out of the slot in the side of the windshield.

The only thing you have to be careful with when using one of these, is when using the small pan/lid as your main cooking pot in conjunction with the supplied SVEA Burner is the handle gets incredibly hot, and yep, they even thought about that and have included two D rings in the handle design, under which you can poke a stick to extend the handle and save your fingers.

Ive made one modification to mine and all that was to remove the secondary bail/hook from the bail on the big pot, i used to find it more of a hindrance than an asset so i got rid of it, but that's all I've done to it in the years I've had it, so if you haven't got one of these yet - go get one.


  1. Cant agree with you more mate!!! I love my Swedish army stove, like you say incredibally versatile, quick question though, I have not yet used it over an open fire, does it work well? how does it compare to say a Zebra billy or the like?
    All the best

    1. Works well over an open fire, i took the horrible open hook off of mine as i found it got in the way, so i just have a regular bail on the pot now, but works as well as any other pot i own, just have to careful if you put the lid on with the handle out if you suspend the pot, as it unbalances the pot, but if you have it so the handle is vertical, there's not a lot of uneven weight distribution, or just tuck the pot into the embers.