Monday, 23 January 2012

Ash Burl

20 Pence Piece Shown For Scale
I went out today for a bimble with a good mate of mine, when  i got back though, i felt like going for another walk, so headed out over the hills at the back of home

Whilst i was out i saw the chap who has a small yard just up the lane, got talking to him and he says to me 'have you got a lathe?', i said a small one but i do have an adze and a set of chisels, 'oh right' he goes, 'you had better have this then' and he dives in his van and brings the item pictured out of the cab.

My jaw hit the floor, when i first saw it i only saw the sawn side and thought it was just a slab of wood, but then he turned it round, this thing is huge and weighs, well one heck of a lot as you can imagine, im really going to have fun hollowing this puppy out, all im going to do is lever the bottom off so it's sits nicely, and then go to town on the inside,

Talk about being in the right place at the right time 



  1. Ah, wow. That's one hell of a burr

    1. Isnt it just, im led to believe that Ash Burls are not that common, just hope i dont stuff it up when i hollow it out