Monday, 2 January 2012


The boys and i went for a trip down to beach earlier today and with the stiff south westerly wind blowing it certainly helped to blow a few cobwebs away, we did a bit of foraging along the tide line, where i found a couple of nice smooth pebbles with slight depressions in them, i will drill out the depressions a bit to make them slightly deeper and then use the rocks as bearing blocks for the bow drill, 

We also found some Mermaids Purses, Whelk egg cases, natural sponges and shed loads of Slipper Limpets & Mussels that had been washed up, there should be even more after tomorrow as we are forecast to get a good south westerly tomorrow (70mph winds) and that should throw all sorts of goodies up on  the shore line

I also made a point of telling the boys to look at the birds on the beech and where they were congregating, as they were all in one small area of the beach, which is also where all of the food stuffs, like fresh shell fish were being washed up by the roughening sea, as always, even a simple walk on the beach will result in mother nature offering a lesson or two, but only if you keep your eyes and ears open and observe what is going on around you and are willing to be taught.

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  1. Sounds like a great day, Kep. I took my dog for a New Years Day swim on the Pamlico River. Beautiful day with temps in the mid sixties. Here's a link to my photobucket album with some photos.