Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ben Orford Right Handed Crook Knife

Got my Ben Orford Crook Knife this morning, although i didn't get it from Ben, it was advertised on BCUK, the chap who was selling it had only used it a few times, so truthfully the thing is almost brand new.

Ive been after an Orford crook knife for a little while and this came up at the right price at the right time, so i grabbed it quick, as with all of Ben's tools this is well made and incredibly comfortable to use, I'm going to be using this for planing cuts on the handles of larger spoons and the exteriors of bowls amongst other things, i still want to get another Crook Knife from Ben fairly soon, but will be going for the version with the exterior bevel as that is far better suited to big spoons, ladles and bowls, this one, has the interior bevel,  i think then, other than a left handed big spoon knife, i will have a fairly comprehensive carving kit.

1 comment:

  1. Good-looking tool. Something to savor and be proud of!